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Excitement Starts at The East End

When it comes to excitement at YBR Casino & Sports Book, the new East End is only the beginning.

This gaming area, located at the east end of the Recreation Area on the main casino floor, opened July 2 and features live music three nights a week (see story below), as well as four blackjack tables, one 3-Card Poker table, and one roulette wheel.

General Manger Lynn Segars says the new area will be thumping with energy and activity.

“We’re looking forward to a place where people can’t help but bop their heads and feel a rush of excitement,” she said before the new area opened last week. “It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be lively. It’s going to be the kind of place you’ll want to bring friends and say, ‘Look at this!’ and ‘Isn’t this awesome?’”

The East End also is a place for brand new gaming giveaways—for instance, blackjack players with five-card 21s, three 7s, or suited blackjacks receive entries for drawings at the end of every week. Prizes in these drawings vary from YBR merchandise to cash.

There even are new signature craft cocktails to celebrate this momentous occasion. A lineup of special East End drinks at the Rec Bar includes seven special martinis, including the appropriately named Party Pit Pomegranate, a sweet treat that comprises citrus vodka, Pama liqueur, cranberry and a splash of lime juice. Also on the list: a chocolate martini that features crème de cacao, Bailey’s Frangelico, and Kahlua.

The East End is located right across from the Topgolf Swing Suite and The Lanes at YBR, providing an additional diversion to the expanded Wicked Good Pizza & Plates, The Lounge with Caesars Sports, and the already stacked lineup of attractions in the Recreation Area.

See you there.

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